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Are You Ready To Take That First Rip After Your Nuptials?  

Even though you must have been away with that special someone for many times, the first trip fresh after your wedding is special. You can make it to a special place like where you went first as a couple, perhaps, and it will always be a fond memory in your heart.  

 Pick a date, pick a place  
When you are picking a date or dates, make sure no office work or anything as such is going to bother you during the trip. This is special, and this time is for you and you two only. We are so bogged down with our careers right now, not only when we are at the office itself, when we are at home trying to have some “us” time also, the phone will ring or an email will be dropped. Avoid all that banter; pick a time where you are free from unwanted stuff as such. If you are a teacher, for example, you can use the vacation time. If you work at a shop, you can skip the busy time such as Christmas or thanksgiving. Even hotel accommodation at great ocean road will be cheaper during the off season.  

 Tips and tricks  
Not to think and fret about how much you have sent, you can always have a fund for this kind of things. Save a bit every month and after a year or even six months you will have extra funds to take off. If you are planning a foreign trip, maybe to an exotic destination, book earlier. Advancedbookings can save you a lot of money. Target a longer weekend or something if you are planning to go somewhere local, but, if you are doing so, reserve everything is advance. Avoid bigger holidays like boxing day etc. then, the lodging prices naturally goes up, even though you try to reserve early.  

 Pick a special venue  
When you are together you will have ideas of what the other likes and dislikes; hopefully you are together because you respect each other’s choices. Is there a place where both of you always wanted to go? Or is it just one of you and the other doesn’t mind? Either way, make sure wherever you go is safe and has all amenities for you two during that time, for example, if you plan an exotic vacation to Bali, don’t pick July and August as it gets very busy. Similarly during Easter and Christmas and New Year times, it gets crowded. You are planning for some alone time, so pick September or even April-June time. You can find cheap but romantic accommodation during that time. hotel-accomodate