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Things To Do At Mission Beach

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If you are looking for an exciting holiday in Mission beach, there are many interesting activities that you can do. Some of the experiences are very enlightening and some are extremely fun. It does not matter if you are travelling along, or with your family or friends, because before you sort out your Mission beach beachfront accommodation, just ensure that you do your research about the below activities that you can do there. 

Tully River Whitewater rafting

If you want your adrenaline to be kicked in, then the best activity is to experience the Tully River by going Whitewater rafting. You will be walking through the World-Heritage rainforest with a group of other individuals. This activity is upholds its safety regulations and standards so that one can enjoy this thrilling activity. You will have the option of including lunch as well if you really get the hunger pangs.

Tandem Skydiving Experience

If you want another adrenaline junkie experience, then you have to experience skydiving above the exotic and tropical land of Mission beach. You will be able to witness the land from fifteen thousand feet above and see the strip of shiny golden sand. You will be prepared to do this along with an instructor who will be with you throughout the entire activity. The free fall is about sixty seconds followed by a five minutes of a glide using your parachute right on to the ground.

Mamu Tropical Skywalk and Paronella Park

If you want a more chilled out approach, then you need to go and have a drink in the Paronella Park and the Mamu Tropical Skywalk. This can be covered in one day. You can come back to you’re your Mission Beach Resort accommodation and relax more with a glass or two of wine.

Johnstone River Cruises

Do you like crocodiles? Well if you have opportunity to visit the World Heritage site of Great Green Way and Wet Tropics. You will be travelling in a glass bottomed boat travelling down the Johnstone River. You will also be given a tour about the history, knowledge, and about the nature of the Innisfail area. The guides will be able to help you look out for crocodiles. You will be shown other animas such as snakes and turtles too. This is a good activity for family and friends to do. There are other activities such as crabbing or just relax while cruising along the calming water of Johnston river. Keep these activities in mind and you  wont be sorry if you arrange everything out to have a wonderful trip at Mission beach.